Page One is a podcast about books and about the people who read them. It's a podcast for people who love books and for people who love people.


The format is as follows: Charles Adrian asks his guests to bring a book that they like and a book that they think he should have. He brings a book that he thinks they should have. During the episode they talk about the books and read the first page of each. At the end of the episode, they exchange books and two new second-hand books are created (which is why these episodes are called the Second-Hand Book Factory).


You can browse seasons 2-5 by clicking on the links at the top of the page. Earlier episodes can be found by clicking this link.


If you are new to the podcast, you might like to start with Page One 129, in which David Turner talks about how two pieces of writing book-ended a particularly significant part of his life.

Or else curl up in front of Nancy Crane's front room, in the sunshine, with the fire keeping out the cold of a winter day, for Page One 110.

Or, for something a little bit special, you can listen to Charles Adrian talk to his alter-ego Ms Samantha Mann for Page One 126.


If you have comments or questions about the podcast or the books that have been read from - or if you think that you would be a good guest - please get in touch via Twitter or email using the contact buttons below.